Evangelism and Outreach

What is Evangelism?
Evangelism can be defined as an effort to spread, share, preach and proclaim the gospel – Good News and Word of God publicly. Evangelism is explaining to a person what it means to be a born-again Christian and how to become one.

What is street ministry?
Street ministry can be defined as a way to effectively take the gospel of Jesus Christ into neighborhoods in order to reach the unsaved and un-churched.

Evangelistic Street Ministry is the teamwork of discipleship in witnessing and reaching out to others through the sharing of bible scriptures, testimonies or tracts.

What are some effective ways of sharing the gospel during outreach?

It is first important to always pray and seek God’s guidance and direction before doing any kingdom work for His glory. Effective witnessing for Jesus Christ is not in the “gospel tract” that is handed out, or is it in the “pages of the bible” that leads a soul to Christ. The effective tool that draws someone’s attention to God in the service of evangelistic street ministry is the sincere love for Jesus that is shown in your heart as you approach that person. It is not the technique or the material used that draws one to Christ, but it is Christ Himself. “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him:. . .” John 6:44

There is nothing that is essential for bringing someone to Christ except the conveying of the knowledge of Jesus Christ. Convicting and saving them is the work of the Holy Spirit. That is why witnessing is called “sharing the good news of Jesus Christ”. Leading a person to Jesus Christ is exactly that: leading. It is not in the attempts to teach the person all about Jesus or the bible in one setting, nor is it about negatively down-casting someone because of their present lifestyle that may seem to be offensive to others. Positively and compassionately winning souls for Christ should be one’s committed focus and purpose when evangelizing.