Traditional Sunday, First Sunday
Contemporary Sunday, Second and Third Sunday
Youth Sunday, Fourth Sunday
Friends and Family Day, Fifth Sunday

Ministry Meetings and Classes

Sunday School, Sunday at 8:15AM.
New Member’s Orientation, Sunday at 8:30AM.
Baptism and Right Hand of Fellowship Service, first Sunday at 8:30AM.
Holy Communion, first Sunday at 10:00AM.
Morning Worship Service, Sunday at 10:00AM.
Children’s Church, second and third Sunday at 10:00AM.
Dance Ministry Meeting and Practice, Tuesday at 7:00PM and Saturdays at 10:00AM.
Noon-day Bible Study, Wednesday at 12:00PM.
Evening Bible Study, Wednesday at 6:30PM.
Thank God I’m Free (TGIF) Recovery Ministry, third Tuesday from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.
Information Technology Ministry Meeting, first Thursday at 7:00PM.
Youth Ministry, third Thursday at 7:00PM.
Deacon and Deaconess Meeting, last Thursday at 7:30PM.
WMU (Missions Program) Meeting, first Friday at 7:30PM.
Prince Georges Men’s Shelter Fellowship, third Friday at 6:00PM.
Resource Ministry Meeting, third Friday at 7:00PM.
Men’s Fellowship, third Friday at 7:00PM.
Marriage Ministry Meeting, first Friday at 7:30PM.
Friends and Family Night, fourth Friday at 7:00PM.
Evangelism and Outreach Outing, fourth Saturday from 11:00AM to 2:00PM.
Living Legends Fellowship, fourth Saturday at 1:00PM.
Forestville Nursing Home Fellowship, first Saturday, from 10:30AM to 11:30AM.
Share Food Ministry Meeting, fourth Saturday at 10:00AM.
Annual FBCCH Anniversary Celebration, second Sunday in September